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Dear website visitor,

Hi, I'm Snug. Welcome to the official website of SnugWire, a video game publisher and indie game studio, with "A Tight Connection." Here, you can stay up-to-date with everything that my human friends (captors) are doing! In case you haven't noticed... I'm a hostage. They are using me to promote and create the coolest video games known to humankind. Maybe one day, if you give them enough money, they will be satisfied with the ransom and set me free! #FreeSnug Anyway, thank you for your time. I appreciate you!





Mortal Kombat 11 doesn’t need guest characters

The new Mortal Kombat has been out for a month. The eleventh installment of the series has its pros and cons, like every installment of Mortal Kombat. However, the third release from Warner Bros/NetherRealm studios has proven to be the most controversial title yet. and not in a usual MK way either. Some critics are […]

INTERVIEW: From Gamer to Shout Caster – It Could Happen to You!

At this year’s QuakeCon, Bethesda decided to give back to their lively streaming community by offering up some interesting opportunities. A number of community streamers and influencers were approached by Bethesda to participate in shout casting some of the many high-stakes matches going on at the convention. BPSkibbenheims was one of these lucky streamers. BPSkibbenheims […]

DOOM Eternal – Reaction From QuakeCon

QuakeCon 2018’s main stage is the site of a number of momentous events this year, starting this past Friday. In a hall packed with expectant and excited fans, the on-stage gameplay reveal of DOOM Eternal gave the crowd a lot to chew on. Aside from graphics and basic tweaks to gameplay mechanics, id Software gave […]

Operation Para Bellum – Review

Year 3, Season 2 of Rainbow Six Siege, also known as Operation Para Bellum, is probably my favorite season yet. Granted I didn’t start playing the game until year 2, it has become my absolute favorite game that I play on Xbox. At first, I was completely opposed to playing this game with my fiance, […]


As gamers ourselves, we will play your game, over and over again, until we get a feel for what makes your game great and what we specifically need to market to the masses!

We can create the necessary trailers for your game (teaser, campaign, multiplayer, release, etc.) to generate a buzz around your game!

We will develop a promotional campaign, reaching out to hundreds of press contacts, streamers, and other media outlets... fighting to get your game the exposure that it deserves!

We will use our social media savviness and platform to push your game out to countless new people who want to be your fans and play your game.

MUCH MORE! We will tailor our efforts to your needs. Our objective is to sell as many copies of your game as humanly possible. PERIOD.

Did we mention that we only take 25% in royalties? That's 5% less than nearly all other publishers! "We take less and we give more!"

"This is the easiest decision you will ever make!"

dedicated twins!
percent in royalties!
percent less than the competition!


Nicholas "FRiCK" D'Agostino

Nicholas "FRiCK" D'Agostino


Nicholas is a perfectionist. He is constantly asking questions and expecting answers. He has zero quit inside of him and doesn't stop until the job is done.

Anthony "FRaCK" D'Agostino

Anthony "FRaCK" D'Agostino


Anthony is the height man of our team- always pushing us higher and making sure we are on top of everything that we do. He loves to game, but loves to change the game even more.

Breelagh "BreeD" DuHaime

Breelagh "BreeD" DuHaime

Director of Winning

Breelagh is a passionate gamer and girl boss. She despises losing and expects us to win, day in and day out. A fashionista, she keeps us all looking good... both on and off the internet.

Mike "SpooderW" Maulbeck

Mike "SpooderW" Maulbeck

Director of Egos

Mike is our Jack-of-all-trades! A world-renowned indie developer, he shares his infinite wisdom in every aspect. From publishing to developing, to food and ladies... he knows it all!

Calvin "Villain" Dufraisne

Calvin "Villain" Dufraisne

Director of Realism

Calvin is the realist of the group. He keeps us all in check with his grounded nature. He demands hard work. He knows that SnugWire is the best, but he won't admit it... yet.

Kyle "Pastor" Vealey

Kyle "Pastor" Vealey

Director of Faith

Kyle practices what he preaches. He is our spiritual leader, on and off the virtual battlefield. He has been gaming longer than all of us and yes, that is a joke about his age.

Billy "GOAT" James

Billy "GOAT" James

Director of Risk

Billy is the risk-taker. He flirts with risk, because he has a great relationship with reward. Coupled with his knack for creating opportunity where most fail to see any, he is a perfect partner.

TJ "Captain" Estanislau

TJ "Captain" Estanislau

Director of Strength

TJ is our fitness coach. He loves working things out and making sure that we are all fit to perform our duties for the company. By exercising his love for video games, he keeps us in good shape.

Cam "Snazzey" Estanislau

Cam "Snazzey" Estanislau

Director of Optimism

Cam is the eternal optimist. He understands negative situations, but chooses to remain positive throughout them all. With his upbeat attitude and sense of humor, he keeps us all in good spirits.

Erica "d3dscr33n" Hernandez

Erica "d3dscr33n" Hernandez


Erica is our Ivy League gamer. She streams, she writes, and pwns life. She's like a tree- sturdy and wise. She loves robots. We don't trust her with Snug. She may go and try to free him.


Snugwire was founded by Nicholas "FRiCK" and Anthony "FRaCK" D'Agostino, identical twins, with the intent to promote and create the best video games out there! Diagnosed with a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy at just 18 months old, they both stopped walking at the age of 6. Realizing that they would never be able to participate in traditional sports, they found a passion in gaming. In their teenage years, FRiCK and FRaCK were collectively ranked top 20 worldwide in 7 different games. Gaming is their sport and they are fierce competitors!

Fast forward to present day, and they have learned how to develop games. However, they find themselves even more intrigued by other developers. Utilizing their past experiences as entrepreneurs, they have found a way to use their gift of charm, uncanny communication skills, and social media expertise, to publish games. They take a game from the hands of few and get it into the hands of many!

If I may, can I tell you a secret about them? As if their living lives in wheelchairs wasn't enough to fix their technology cravings, they went out and kidnapped a robot named Snug and tied him up with wire. Nicholas and Anthony will deny this. They will tell you that Snug is an intern and that he is with them willingly, but he isn't. Snug is a hostage. There is hope, though! They haven't hurt him, so they must just want money, right? By supporting SnugWire, you are contributing to the ransom that, someday, may set Snug free again! #FreeSnug Thank you!

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