Operation Para Bellum – Review

Year 3, Season 2 of Rainbow Six Siege, also known as Operation Para Bellum, is probably my favorite season yet. Granted I didn’t start playing the game until year 2, it has become my absolute favorite game that I play on Xbox. At first, I was completely opposed to playing this game with my fiance, his brother, and our friends. I slowly got into the game and have been addicted ever since.

Villa is my favorite map on Siege. Some would argue it’s the worst, I would say it’s one of the best, largely because I am in love with the aesthetics of the map. What can I say, I’m a sucker for rustic Italian design. The map itself is large, with multiple rooms and openings, with a large basement wine cellar, making it difficult to
navigate. All new maps take time to become familiar with, but, with practice, it is possible to memorize them.

Screen capture from Rainbow Six Siege

Alibi is a fascinating new roamer, using her gadget, Prisma’s holograms to trick you into thinking they are her. Of course I was convinced her operator name was pronounced, “al-ee-bee”, because I’m a fiend for accents. I forgot that was just a nickname, making “Alibi” perfect for her. I use Alibi’s SMG, the Mx4 Storm, which has a small magazine, but it shoots quickly, has low recoil, and has a quick reload speed. I also like how her holograms spot enemies when they shoot at them. This ability makes her impact grenade a perfect gadget to surprise enemies on the other side of the wall who have been spotted. She is a 3-speed and has 1 armor. Alibi’s holograms must be placed either in an open area or by a window or a door to be activated.

Screen capture from Rainbow Six Siege

Maestro is my favorite of the two new Italian operators, I just can’t help myself when there’s a turret as a weapon option. I use his LMG, the Alda 5.56, which has a large magazine, is powerful, and has low recoil, although it’s reload speed is slow. He is a 1-speed and has 3 armor, making him a grounded operator. Unfortunately, when you open the windows to his bullet proof camera to shoot with the high-beam laser turret, it is no longer bullet proof. Any enemy operator can shoot and destroy the evil eye once the windows on it are opened. In addition to this, to my knowledge, Ash, Sledge, Zofia, Twitch, and Thatcher can all use their gadgets to disable/destroy Maestro’s Evil Eye.

I’m very pleased with the map makeover of Clubhouse, with a set of stairs put in place of the ladder in the garage, as well as a window that was put into the upper deck of the garage. The bar is a lot more secure now for defense with the additional walls placed inside the room. Offense also has an advantage with this room because of the bathroom that was placed right next to the bar, supplying extra cover. There are other changes to the basement of this map and other areas, although they are more subtle, such as extra walls and stairwells.

My personal preference when a new season starts is to go into a custom game to try out the new operator’s weapons and gadgets first. I like to do this before being thrown into a match without having any prior knowledge of the operators first. It’s funny when everyone chooses the new operators when a new season comes out just to try them and you have a slim chance of trying them out for yourself because of this high demand. Once the new season hype dies down after a few days or a week or so, this is no longer a problem and you once again have a fair chance at choosing the new operators.

Overall, Year 3 Season 2 of Siege is great and I am excited for the rest of this year’s updates!


– Breelagh “BreeD” D’Agostino